Going to another country for study can become a bad experience if the accommodation option is chosen incorrectly. In every country, there are several different options available for students where they can stay during their education program. However, all these different accommodations offer different life and facilities.

Thus, it becomes important to check which one is better and why. Today, this article will show you what are the differences between homestay and hostel and which one is better.

This whole analysis and comparison will help you choose the perfect place to live & enjoy the study in a different country.

Let’ get started.

Homestay vs Hostel – Major Differences

Until you look closely, both accommodations seem similar, but they are not. There are some major differences between home stays and hostels that distinguish them completely. Check them out.

  1. Cost of Living

Cost of living can vary depending on the country you are moving to. Some Asian countries are cheaper to live in while some are expensive. Hence, you have to choose a cheaper but comfortable enough place to live in. In such a case, homestays offer better services with cheaper rent.

Living in a hostel will get you a bed, shared bathroom, wi-fi, shared room and some other basic things, that’s it. While in a homestay, you get home cooked meals, laundry service, cleaning service, utilities and more at a cheaper rate.

  1. Number of Students

The number of students living in a hostel is mostly high as compared to home stay. The benefit of this, you get a chance to meet more people from different countries. This helps you learn about different countries, cultures etc but at the same time you may feel exhausted of the crowd around you.

You might feel that you are not getting the privacy you need for studies, you are surrounded by people all the time and you can’t focus.

At homestays the situation is different, you still get a chance to meet new people from other countries but the number of students would be less. You will still learn about culture, places and customs but with the comfort and privacy you require.

  1. Local Culture

Living at a homestay with a local family gives you more chances to learn the core of the culture. The family can tell you better about the customs, different cuisines, events, art & craft and more.

The deep knowledge of the culture can let you immerse into people’s heart, and you become friendlier with them. The result, you feel easy, comfortable and this will help you with your study.

You will simply not get this opportunity at a hostel since there is no local person to tell you all this. Even if there is, he will not have that much time to explain the culture to you.

  1. Foreign Language Skill

Living with the local family at a home stay helps you build your language skills. When you are surrounded by locals and hear the local language more often then, your brain starts to absorb the language quickly.

At a hostel with the mixed language students, you might not be able to focus on the foreign language you are learning.

  1. Care

At a homestay, the family takes cares of you as their own kid. They provide you the affection, care and attention that you were getting from your parents in your home country.

For student especially teenager students, it is very important to get the love and care for mental stability. If they don’t get it, they will feel lonely and isolated. It will definitely affect their studies.

At a hostel, the guardian love and care is not provided which as we discussed is very important for a child.

  1. Safety

At a hostel, since the number of people is high, providing safety is always a daunting task for the hostel staff. Living there, you might always feel worried about your belongings.

While in a homestay, you will feel safe as it provides better safety option such as CCTV surveillance & lockers. In a homestay program, the local host makes sure that the house is as safe as possible by all means. So, you feel like living with your own family without being worried about your stuff.

  1. Facilities

The standard of the facilities offered by a hostel is not very high. Often times you will face issues such as geyser not working, the bathroom is equipped, room heater is not working etc. These issues affect your life and you feel the discomfort.

While in a homestay, facilities provided are up to the mark. The local host makes sure that their electronic appliances are working fine, toiletries are available, the house is clean and so on.

Living with such high class amenities improves the education experience as the student can always concentrate on the studies. He would never have to worry about these things.

  1. Assistance with transport, banking and others

Living in the hostel doesn’t provide you the extra help with transportation, banking, shopping and other things. You have to figure out on your own to deal with these things.

On the other hand, living in a home stay with a family always makes sure that you get the help. If you need a bank account, bus pass or shopping help then the local family members will always help you get all these things.

Home stay vs Hostel – Which is better?

As discussed in the article, home stay provides better amenities, safety and services. The hostel provides a little more freedom, joy and a life that is lead by fewer rules.

But when you are going to a different country for studies, then achieving education with utmost conveniency is the goal of every student. A home stay provides you that kind of conveniency and services that you desperately need while staying away from your parents in another country.

Every accommodation option has its own merits and demerits but thorough analysis clearly suggests that living in a homestay is a better option than living in a hostel.