Choosing the right home stay is very important when you move to Singapore for study. A good home stay can help you lead comfortable student life. It can also provide you the positive living atmosphere which is much needed when living in a foreign country. But if you pick the wrong home stay then you will have to deal with unnecessary problems.

To help you with that, we are providing some great points that you should focus on to choose the right student home stay.

  1. Budget

Budget is one of the foremost factors that you need to check before selecting a homestay. Everyone has a certain budget that he can spare for accommodation so that budget analysis before coming to Singapore is needed.

For that, you can check online listings of homestays in Singapore and compare the rent. It is natural that homestays that are close to school or university campus are expensive. In such a case, you need to decide how much you can spend if you choose a nearby location’s homestay.

  1. Host Check

Another important thing to check is host check, if you don’t do it before then later you will regret. Checking the host profile is mandatory because you will be living with them as a family. If the mindset of the host, lifestyle of the host and friendliness of the host is not in line with yours then it may create problems afterward.

To check the host profile, you can talk to them on Skype or phone and ask them questions that will give you an idea about your future host.

You can ask questions like how they view your country, how do they feel about having a guest from a completely different culture. If the homestay host has been hosting students from years then surely they are used to the different culture but if they are new then you might feel uncomfortable with them.

  1. Amenities

Definitely, you want to live in a place that is cozy and offers a great range of amenities. For you, the goal is to focus on your studies. You don’t want to get disturbed if the air conditioner is out of service or room is not enough heated in winters.

These small things can distract you from your studies. Therefore, it is good to list down all the necessary amenities you can’t live without. After this, you can check whether the homestay provides those facilities or not.

Most of the homestays provide basic amenities like nice clean AC rooms, bathrooms etc. However, students from different countries have a different lifestyle and so the priority list for amenities can differ.

  1. Environment

A positive and supportive environment is much needed to focus on education. If the atmosphere is weird and negative then you will not feel comfortable with the hosts.

To confirm whether the atmosphere is cool, you can check the online listing of the homestay you want to check-in. There you can see the reviews of previous hosts, you can analyze what they are talking about. Based on that, you can choose the right homestay for yourself.

  1. Communication

Communication should be a priority thing for you when choosing a homestay. If your communication with the host is weak or the host is not able to provide satisfactory answers for your query then you will always feel lost.

It becomes very hard when two people can’t communicate well, it creates misunderstanding.  Misunderstandings lead to severe issues, thus is it better to check whether the communication channel is strong or not.

  1. Contract

Before checking in, you must make sure that you agree to all the terms and conditions. You should carefully read the contract before committing. You may find some things that you are not comfortable with, if you do then it is better to talk to the host.

Most of the homestays set a certain amount of time a student has to stay with them. You should check this time period and other early check-out possibilities (in case if you want).

If you don’t check all these points beforehand then you might suffer later as breaching the contract will bring extra monetary loss.

Also, you should make a copy of the homestay’s contract and keep it with you. By doing this, you can always refer back to the contract if needed.

  1. Support

A homestay must support the student’s stay thoroughly. Also, 24×7 query solution should be a priority for the home stay. The direct contact person who can talk to students should be available any time student need him.

If there is a problem then homestay owner should act promptly so solve our the issues of students. To confirm that, you should check previous student’s testimonials, that will give you a lot of confidence about your host.

  1. Commuting

If your home stay is far from your school or university then a lot of your time will be wasted during travel. Thus, you should make sure that the place you are going to live is near to your school.

Also, you should check whether MRT stations, bus terminal are nearby so you can catch the transport easily. If your homestay helps you in getting a bus pass, it would be a big help.

  1. Mingling with others

Sharing a room with someone, mingling with people from other culture and countries is not easy especially if you are leaving your home for the first time.

Therefore, you need to make-up your mind for living with others. But you can always check what kind of students live in the homestay. For example, if you are a university student then you might want to live with other university students because mindset will most likely to be the same.

Going to a different country for education and living in a home stay would be a different experience for you. But if you choose the right home-stay then it can become a memorable experience for you.

So choose your homestay wisely.